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Business cards are an essential tool in the arsenal of every entrepreneur. More often than not, your business card will be the first interaction potential customers will have with your brand—so, make sure it’s a good one. A well designed business card will do more than just carry your contact details. It will build trust with your customers and make you look professional.

This month, I have put some time aside to work on my own personal brand. The reason being, to aid and better my chances of gaining favour with new clients and continuing to impress my current ones I already have. I have found myself in a few meetings this year where I have handed over an old business card and immediately wished I had taken the time to update them before doing so. If I am truly going to make progress and capitalise on every opportunity I cant be making these kind of mistakes. However, as every problem represents themselves, I grow and learn as a graphic designer and find creative solutions to better myself. So beings the rebrand.

It has been a long journey developing my brand, the process has been slow, but one that I have taken very seriously. Starting out as a freelance graphic designer, you have to be ferocious in your pursuit to win clients over and stay busy enough to keep your head above water financially. Now I have established myself and have a sound structure to build on, the timing couldn’t haven been better to go back to the drawing board and give more thought into my own brand. I have now reached a stage where I am very happy to start sharing more with my audience and reap the fruits of my labour. Armed with a new set of business cards and more marketing materials to come, I have already began to arrange more client meetings.

Are you looking to get your business off the ground? Or simply looking to update and refresh your current brand? Look no further. I provide a professional graphic design service that can take care of ever aspect of your project. I pride myself on delivering the very best service I possibly can and always aim to make sure you stand out from your competitors. Get in contact today and lets work together to design your new set of business cards.

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